- A journey of Discovery -

5-day retreat, 5 - 9 June 2023
The Netherlands



Do you dare to go beyond your self as you know it now?

To a new notion of reality, a new truth, that might change the world as you know and experience it right now?

Where everything you thought to be true - about yourself, or about the world - might become very different..

If you are ready to

  • Make a quantum leap in self awareness and let the real ‘you’ show up in its full essence and power
  • A guaranteed step in expanded consciousness, with the risk of a complete beyond self experience
  • Get access to a world beyond imagination and be led by a deeper intelligence 
  • Embody your source of power, confidence and possibility so you will naturally inspire others
  • Have a deeper understanding of who you are, and which patterns now govern your life
  • Techniques to see through your stories and collapsing limiting mental and behavioral patterns
  • Get comfortable having no immediate control
  • Experience improved effectiveness in daily life
  • Gain personal clarity enabling improved connections and communication with others
  • A deeply anchored sense of peace, space and direction in your life
  • Experience new realities
  • Finding access points into the unknown so you can easily (re)connect and go back

A journey of Discovery. What to expect:

Beyond the self you know

lies a world of freedom




For who?

This is for you if you:

  • feel there is more, but wonder how do I get access?
  • are looking for a nourishing and deepening space to take a jump into the unknown
  • dare to go deep, dare to go beyond
  • are curious, open, observant and willing to learn any lesson about yourself
  • feel stuck in returning patterns and conditioning. Have a desire to take back control
  • feel disconnected with your ‘Self’: have a longing to know who you are beyond your stories and concepts
  • want to expand into new realities and a deeper wisdom from which to live  your life
  • see the humor in a journey like this. It is serious business, that we shouldn't take all that serious…

This is not for you if you:

  • want to stay in your comfort zone
  • are only interested in the world as you know it
  • don’t want to accept yourself as the creator of your own world, and the only one that can change it
  • are not willing to look at your own patterns and be reflected on it
  • want to stay in victim energy, make excuses or blame others for your own behavior and outcomes in life
  • experience strong psychological challenges at the moment, this is not a therapy setting
  • This not for the faint-hearted or saboteurs who are not up for a challenge of having a meeting with who you truly are

Are you in?! Email:


[email protected]


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A new world opens if you dare to look beyond what you know

What people are saying


 "Your energy complemented each other and there was a great flow of energy and fun moments during the training.

Thank you both for your boost of energy and self awareness during last week!"

- Laura, The Netherlands - 

“There was a clear connection between concept or theory and how to practically connect that to everything I do in daily life. It gave me so much more space and ease with how I confront (challenging) situations now, compared to before.”

- Simone, The Netherlands -



"I have learned to connect to love in an instant. I landed in my heart"

- Juliet, New York - 


“You have created a safe and spacious place in which I was able to experience all kinds of things for which there was no place before. A whole world has opened up to me to discover without it becoming a ‘must’. 

-  Lotti, The Netherlands -

Beyond Self is a strong, beautiful, inspiring program. A program that fully revolves around ‘you’! I have experienced deep insights and magical moments. Starting to see and experience things I thought impossible before. A true gift to yourself! Thank you for a magical journey.

- Floor, The Netherlands - 

"I loved how the practice sessions enabled me to put what I learned into practice right away in daily life." 

- Frederieke, The Netherlands -

What you will learn

  • How to keep your system relaxed and thriving in the high performance zone
  • How to bring centring and awareness practices into daily life activities 
  • To trust the signals of your body and to dare to listen and act on it.
  • The power in softening yourself
  • Turning pressure into resource
  • How to move out of victim energy and drama, into autonomy and playfulness
  • Not to eliminate emotional responses, but to reduce your reactivity.
  • How thoughts and perceptions can shift your physiology
  • To train your nervous system to effectively handle stressors, and bring ease in your system
  • To cultivate magic

The Mind can always change the Mind

Meet Eveline 

This program has been created from my deep desire to guide curious people into new levels of consciousness, beyond the self and into new realities. This work is deeply meaningful to me as my own journey Beyond Self has been hugely transformative and fulfilling. It sparked an ever more deep motivation to actively contribute to the acceleration of a human 'Consciousness Transition'. I feel it is already happening on micro level; more and more people are having these “beyond self’ experiences. But many don’t know how to digest them, what it means, and then how to connect it into their daily lives, as was the case for me when I found myself in the aftermath of an ontological shock. It was overwhelming: it made me experience a level of freedom beyond imagination and yet also made me feel lost in a world that did not make sense to me anymore. How to relate to others, to work, to meaning - after having such a deep mental shift? However daunting this new understanding, this realization and knowing of a new fundamental truth brought an enormous calm and energy to move from. And my longing to share this experience of infinite expansion birthed this program. 

I want to build a platform to support a community of conscious people into action. To bring experiences and answers to people that want to birth creations beyond imagination, in unity with others and the planet. To support them to step beyond fears into the unknown, and to become an inspiration towards what is possible. 

I not only feel this is much needed, given the very fundamental challenges we are facing, but I also feel this is the time. The right time to take what is happening already to the next level and bring this vision of a New World into being. As I have learned, with the right kind of support people can move beyond fear, beyond self, and beyond imagination - and make happen what we thought impossible. 

This vision comes from a great place of joy, of what could be possible. It excites me to bring it into being. When I ask myself how I want to spend the time and energy given to me in this time and space - besides my family - this would be it. 

"Change is never painful,

only the resistance to change is painful"

                                                                                                      ~~ The Buddha 


Meet Roderik

After battling through puberty with low self-esteem, depression and addictions, I became really disillusioned at the universities’ rational approach of the sciences. One thing became clear: I had to follow the way of the heart, without knowing what that was. I knew that my way was to look inside of me. This came alive when I discovered the body. I fell in love with the internal martial arts Tai Chi.

By going into the body and feeling what is really there in the moment, old pains slowly dissolved. I experienced focus and flow. Step by step my intuition became stronger. And with that I became more secure with my road less travelled. Starting to teach Tai Chi and coaching people in the forest.

I always knew that I was spiritual, without knowing what that was precisely.  Until I stumbled on self-enquiry and deep contemplation, where you use your mind to discover who you really are. After having some profound experiences, it all became clear: the way of the heart, the body and the mind are all the same.

My purpose in live is to help people out of their head into freedom. So they can rise above themselves.


What people are saying



“It's a roller coaster, but I would hop on if I were you." 

 - Jaap, The Netherlands -


“Recommended for everyone who is open for not knowing' the answers."

-  Yola, The Netherlands -



             The moment you decide that YOU are the most important investment you'll ever make..

….is going to change your life forever


“Pay what it’s Worth” - Our concept explained

The eventual value of this program is made up of two parts: the absolute cost price of the program + the financial value you give to the program and facilitators based on your experience.
The cost price is made up of only those costs that have been incurred to make the program possible, such as the accommodation and catering. So there is no fee included for the facilitators and their facilitation of this program in any way. As we share the cost price among all participants, we only know how the costs will turn out afterwards, as it is based on the number of participants. 
In  addition, to determine the value of the program and its facilitation the “Pay what it is worth” principle applies. We leave it up to you to decide afterwards what the program has been worth to you, and whether you would like to add an additional amount according to our “pay as you wish” principle.  We do not charge a price for the development of the program nor its facilitation in the cost price. What it was worth is up to you and we will include this in de final invoice.
Why “Pay what it’s Worth”?
There is a lot of cultural and personal conditioning around money and pricing. We are used to business models that are based on the notion that everyone should pay the same for the same value received.  Therefore pricing tends to move to a sort of unnecessary “perfect average”, which makes it a bargain for people with high incomes, while low incomes are excluded from participating. We believe that you should be welcome, no matter your income, and also that people with a high income can be of support to others in this way. The whole world benefits from more people that dare to take the journey inwards and become more conscious, fun and effective people. 
Price indications
Company: €2850 + Pay what it’s Worth
Private / Self-employed: Cost price (ranging between €550-€850, depending on number of participants) + Pay what it’s Worth
Enjoy now, pay later: We offer payment plans when you want to spread your costs. Please contact us so we can discuss suitable options for you

Are you in?! Email:


[email protected]


[email protected]

The moment you decide that YOU are the most important investment you'll ever make

….is going to change your life forever